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  • Struggling?

    Struggling with chronic health or gut issues that are preventing you from feeling your best?

  • Frustrated?

    Frustrated with generic, one-size-fits-all approaches that don’t address the root causes of your health concerns?

  • Overwhelmed?

    Overwhelmed by the health and wellness landscape or not seeing the results you want? You may feel frustrated and unsure of how to proceed.

At Fairfield Nutrition, we provide personalized, evidence-based care that helps you take control of your health and address the underlying factors affecting your well-being.

Using world-leading lab testing and holistic health care, we work with you to develop a comprehensive care plan tailored to your unique needs. Our expert support and guidance empower you to make positive changes and achieve optimal health.

We understand that every individual is different, and that’s why we take the time to thoroughly investigate and identify the root causes of your health issues. Our goal is to help you feel your best and thrive, by providing effective and sustainable solutions that address your health concerns.

Be heard, understood and supported with Fairfield Nutrition..

Personalized Care Focused on You: As a Functional Medicine practitioner and Nutritionist, I am committed to delivering programs that prioritise your unique needs and lifestyle. I don’t just treat your symptoms; I take the time to understand you as a whole person and work collaboratively with you to develop a personalized care plan that addresses the root causes of your health issues and also fits in with your lifestyle.

Our Functional Medicine Program

Welcome to our Health Unlimited Program, a ground breaking program rooted in the holistic approach of Functional Medicine.

Our program provides all the support you need to make lasting lifestyle changes, empowering you to achieve your health goals and establish habits that will last a lifetime.

By taking a personalized approach that considers all aspects of your health, we can help you identify the root causes of your health issues and develop a plan that works for you and so make a real difference to your health and well-being.

The program is designed for anyone with gut issues, chronic health issues, or those simply looking to optimise their health and have better energy.

Join us at Health Unlimited and let us help you unlock your true health and wellness!

Consultations available online/telephone (Australia and New Zealand) or in-person in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an evidence-based approach to healthcare that examines the root causes of chronic conditions by considering the interplay between genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors.

By taking a personalized, whole-person approach to treatment, we help individuals achieve optimal health and well-being through a proactive, preventative approach, empowering them to take an active role in their health and well-being.

  • 1) Start With Our Comprehensive Assessment

    We take a thorough approach to understanding your unique health concerns, starting with a comprehensive evaluation of your diet, lifestyle, medical history, symptoms, pathology, and previous lab results. We make use of advanced Functional testing, whilst also avoiding expensive unneeded tests.

    By uncovering the root causes of your health issues, we can work with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that provides you with effective, sustainable solutions to help you achieve optimal health and addresses the root causes of your health issues.

  • 2) Plan and Treatment

    We create a personalised plan that is designed just for you. Treatment involves two main aspects: Treating any imbalances in the body identified through testing, intake forms and consultations and secondly, through diet and lifestyle changes.

    Our approach combines the benefits of precision medicine with the powerful healing properties of food and supplements and the foundational pillars of optimal health: quality sleep, stress management, regular exercise, and psychological support.

    By personalising our treatment to you and your needs, we can provide you with effective, sustainable solutions to help you feel your best and thrive.

Clients see 5-star results like these

  • I am humble to have Stephen’s support during my period of ill health. We worked through many of my reoccurring ailments from mold to gut and diet imbalances. Stephen’s holistic... read more

    Jacob Aarons Avatar Jacob Aarons

    I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone looking for improved health. I have suffered from chronic conditions for the last 10 years and found more help and improved health... read more

    Rose Glavas Avatar Rose Glavas

    Have worked with Stephen for a number of months now and have found his knowledge and experience has really helped me to improve my overall health and lifestyle. Highly recommend... read more

    Christine Waldron-Kelly Avatar Christine Waldron-Kelly
  • I am really enjoying working with Stephen on my gut issues which I have been struggling with for a long time now. He is very thorough and flexible and always... read more

    Alaa Abdelwahed Avatar Alaa Abdelwahed

    Highly recommend, excellent service, holistic and client centered. My overall health and wellness has improved in a short space of time. Thanks, Stephen

    Adele Baini Avatar Adele Baini

    Stephen's nutritional advice and support have greatly improved my quality of life! I had significant chronic abdominal pain, worsened by surgery, where I could no longer function independently and nothing... read more

    Cassandra Dejrangsi Avatar Cassandra Dejrangsi
  • I went to Stephen to loose weight and feel better generally, if possible, and I'm so thrilled. He listened to how I behave, what I like and dislike, and gave... read more

    Manita Johnson Avatar Manita Johnson

    Stephen is a very thorough practitioner who works hard to get to the root cause. He has helped me immensely.

    Meg Blenkiron Avatar Meg Blenkiron

    Outstanding service from Stephen Ward. The personalised nutrition program I was provided with was very thorough. Excellent listening skills, helpful advice and his follow up on every session was always... read more

    D Mation Avatar D Mation
  • Stephen has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He asks lots of questions to help determine your health challenges and goals. He made effective suggestions that I hadn't considered. I... read more

    Skye Avatar Skye

    Having worked with many health practitioners over the years without much success, I was ready to give up. However, Stephen has helped me to undercover some underlying causes I hadn't... read more

    Debbie Rae-Smith Avatar Debbie Rae-Smith

    My experience of working with Stephen is that he is a good listener, takes a very thorough approach to ones health needs, gives informed feedback as well as practical solutions... read more

    Sally King Avatar Sally King

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