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We are still open for business, during this Corona virus shut down, and are seeing clients online through tele-medicine video calls or phone calls. Lab Testing and supplement ordering is still available.

Looking after our mental and physical health at this time is vital. Stay safe everyone!

Do you have a health condition that is affecting your quality of life?

Frustrated by chronic health concerns, that you can’t seem to get to the bottom of?

Unlike conventional medicine, we do not simply treat your symptoms. Instead, we use a revolutionary approach, called Functional Medicine, to identify and address the root causes of your health issues using nutrition and lifestyle.

We take the time to provide personalised, evidence-based, supportive care that is focused around you. We target outstanding health outcomes that bring the body and mind back to a state of vitality and resilience.

Because many conditions start with gut issues, we pay particular attention in this area. You can read about me here and what we do here.

Available for Online (Australia wide) Consultations through online Tele-medicine video or telephone

  • You’ve been unable to find out what’s really going on

  • You are not seeing improvement with what you have tried before

  • Your medical tests are coming back ‘normal’ but you don’t feel well

  • You’ve been told you have a psychosomatic illness


Work with us one-on-one to improve your chronic health issues using nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Lab Testing

Functional labs are offered as s standalone service to assess your hormones, gut health, and other systems in the body.

Functional Medicine can improve health FREE First Consultation

Free 20 minute consults (online or phone).

Find out what is going on with your health..

We can help you with:

Clients see 5-star results like these

    5 star review  I went to Stephen to loose weight and feel better generally, if possible, and I'm so thrilled. He listened to how I behave, what I like and dislike, and gave me advice that's been very effective. I've lost weight steadily and learned some simple healthy ways to eat that I enjoy. Can't thank him enough.

    thumb Manita Johnson

    5 star review  Stephen has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He asks lots of questions to help determine your health challenges and goals. He made effective suggestions that I hadn't considered. I felt supported, listened to, and he answered my questions promptly online. Im only three weeks into my "three month plan" and I'm already noticing my health improving. Highly recommended!

    thumb Skye

    5 star review  Stephen's nutritional advice and support have greatly improved my quality of life! I had significant chronic abdominal pain, worsened by surgery, where I could no longer function independently and nothing was helping to improve the situation. He listened to my complex medical history and took into account my food allergies and intolerances to create a food plan that was balanced and simple to follow. By sticking to his advice, my pain is more manageable and I feel much better physically and mentally, where I'm back to being independent. I cannot thank him enough!

    thumb Cassandra Dejrangsi

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Functional Medicine can improve healthFREE First Consultation

Free 20 minute consults (online or phone).

Find out what is really going on with your health..