Tired of feeling unwell?

We can help you find out what is really going on..

Do you have a health condition that is affecting your quality of life?

Do you have unexplained gut problems and you don’t know what to eat any more?

Have you had a diagnosis of a condition like reflux (GERD) but you don’t want to stay on pharmaceuticals for the rest of your life?

Many people I talk to are frustrated by their chronic health concerns.

Actually, it’s the lack of support and not knowing what is driving their health issues that is frustrating. They are unsure what they can do about besides popping a pill or taking yet more supplements, and often feel overwhelmed or anxious about it all.

We hope to change that with our supportive approach, based in Functional Medicine. We take the time to provide a personalised, evidence-based, supportive care that is focused around you. We target outstanding health outcomes that bring the body and mind back to a state of vitality and resilience.

Available for Online (Australia and New Zealand) Consultations in-person or online Tele-medicine video or telephone

  • You’ve been unable to find out what’s really going on

  • You are not seeing improvement with what you have tried before

  • Your medical tests are coming back ‘normal’ but you don’t feel well

  • Its been suggested that your health issues are ‘all in your head’

Our Health Unlimited Program can help you

Our Health Unlimited Program is grounded in the principles of Functional Medicine.

It is a 16 week program with a focus on supporting people with chronic health conditions by finding out what is going on in the body (e.g. hormone imbalances, gut issues) and then treating the underlying causes, rather than symptoms.

It’s an effective program for chronic health issues, providing you with all the support you need. That includes unlimited contact, including as many consultations as you need with your practitioner.

We can help you with:

Clients see 5-star results like these

    5 star review  I went to Stephen to loose weight and feel better generally, if possible, and I'm so thrilled. He listened to how I behave, what I like and dislike, and gave me advice that's been very effective. I've lost weight steadily and learned some simple healthy ways to eat that I enjoy. Can't thank him enough.

    thumb Manita Johnson

    5 star review  Outstanding service from Stephen Ward. The personalised nutrition program I was provided with was very thorough. Excellent listening skills, helpful advice and his follow up on every session was always on point.

    thumb D Mation

    5 star review  Highly recommend, excellent service, holistic and client centered. My overall health and wellness has improved in a short space of time. Thanks, Stephen

    thumb Adele Baini

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About Fairfield Nutrition

Hi, I’m Stephen Ward, Nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner at Fairfield Nutrition.

At Fairfield Nutrition, we help people identify what is going on that is making them sick, – the root causes and imbalances in the body that are leading to chronic health issues. We help people with a range of health complaints including gut issues, auto-immunity, hormonal issues and unexplained fatigue or not feeling ‘quite right’.

We use nutrition, targeted supplements and healthy habits to improve your health and take the time to give you the personalised care you deserve.

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