What I stand for

As the center of what I do revolves around working with clients one-on-one, I thought you might like to know what I stand for and stand against, so here you are:

  1. Focus on you. I work to achieve your goals, with your values, not mine. Personalised plans unique to you.
  2. Health Detective. I work with the root causes of disease, and take the time to find out what’s really going on. I’m on your side and my aim is for you to achieve your health goals. My number one priority is for you to see results.
  3. Mindset.I believe that our emotions, thinking, and mindset can have a profound impact on our health.
  4. Effective methods. Nutrition and lifestyle are the most effective tools to nudge the systems of our body to full health. Whole, unprocessed foods are recommended.
  5. Bigger Picture. I see addressing the onslaught of chronic disease as part of a movement to resist environmental destruction, reductionism and spiritual abandonment.

What I don’t stand for

  1. Health as the absence of disease. No! It’s a state of great vitality and wellness.
  2. Treating symptoms with bandaids. Instead, I take the time, and use lab testing where necessary, to work with the root causes and imbalances in the body.
  3. Excesses. Excessive ongoing supplementation and permanently restrictive diets.
  4. One size fits all. We are all different biochemically, mentally / emotionally with different goals, and what we need may be very different.
  5. Not science based. Offering advice without considering scientific research. Unfortunately, not everything to do with nutrition and lifestyle has gone through scientific trials as there is less money involved than in pharmaceutics. In which case, I use my knowledge and clinical experience to offer informed guidance. But you won’t find any wacky approaches to healing here!