Low-FODMAP Coaching

Hi, I’m Stephen Ward (MSc Personalised Nutrition). You can read more about me here, or about what we offer here.

The Low-FODMAP diet has been proven to be the most effective diet to ease symptoms of IBS, IBD, and digestive discomfort (read more here).

But you probably already know that what you eat affects your symptoms, so why do you need someone to guide you through the process?

Well honestly, you can do it on your own, but working with a Nutritionist gives you the expert support you need to advise you exactly what you can and can not eat, as well as how to eat out, do the shopping, improve your sleep, reduce your stress, and even when is the best time to eat.

Most importantly I guide you through the systematic re-introduction of foods so that you know exactly what your trigger foods are, and can eat as varied a diet as possible that contains all the nutrients you need. I can also identify when there is likely another cause of your digestive discomfort such as Candida or bacterial overgrowth that the low FODMAP diet just isn’t going to fix.

My aim is to reduce your digestive discomfort by at least 80%, even get rid of it forever. I offer month-by-month coaching which you can cancel at any time.

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