Plan Terms and Conditions

  • Unlimited refers to unlimited contact via online messaging through email, messaging or coaching app
  • Messaging or emails will receive a response in under  24 hours
  • The first consultation can be face-to-face in Fairfield, Melbourne but subsequent consultations are to be held online by telemedicine software
  • Shorter calls are available on weeks when there are no consultations
  • Shorter calls can be weekly and of the maximum length of 20 mins or fortnightly and of maximum length 40 mins
  • After the end of your plan, you may purchase additional months of care at $180 / month
  • Two extended consultations will be provided in the first month and one in each of the following months of the plan
  • The initial extended consultation in the first month will be between 60 minutes and 90 minutes
  • Other extended consultations will be to a maximum of 60 minutes