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Stephen Ward, our principal practitioner, has a MSc in Personalised Nutrition from Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM).

At 35, Stephen was told that he had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an auto-immune disease. Doctors were unable to tell him why this had developed and simply offered him a replacement hormone to take for the rest of his life. And so he started researching why certain individuals develop auto-immune conditions.

Stephen’s research led him to improving his diet, eating real food and cutting out gluten for example, exercising, and reducing his exposure to chemicals. By doing so, he was able to reduce his symptoms and his thyroid anti-bodies to a normal level.

He also discovered a passion for nutrition research, Functional Medicine, and putting this research into practice.

He is now thrilled to be able to share his knowledge and experience in working to prevent and address chronic disease in his clients.

Stephen also trained in NLP coaching so that he can help his clients make real and sustainable change.

Stephen Ward (MSc)

Stephen Ward (MSc)

Principal Practitiioner