DUTCH Test for Advanced Hormonal Testing

Person lying on couch with adrenal fatigue

HPA axis dysregulation or ‘Adrenal fatigue’

Hormonal issues, including those related to stress, are a huge issue for a lot of people.

And yet, most of the testing out there doesn’t tell you what you need to know about cortisol levels (cortisol is one of the main stress hormones).

… such as how Cortisol gets cleared from your body, how much cortisol your body is actually producing, and what is causing high or low cortisol

For instance, in my case, my free cortisol was normal but the total amount of cortisol my body was producing was way below the normal range. If I had done only a standard saliva test, it would have all appeared normal. However, the DUTCH test (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) made it clear that my body was struggling to produce cortisol.

The DUTCH test tests cortisol at five times throughout the day to check your levels are following the normal daily fluctuating levels with high accuracy. Because it’s a urine test, it is easy and simple to do within the privacy of your home.

DUTCH test covers melatonin, sex hormones, cortisol,estrogen

The DUTCH test includes

  • Free Cortisol patterns
  • Melatonin (the sleep hormone) levels
  • Androgen metabolites e.g. Testosterone
  • Basic hormones
  • Estrogen metabolites
  • Cortisol metabolites
  • Oxidative Stress Marker
  • Organic Acid Tests
  • Awakening response measurement (extra cost)
  • Cycle mapping for women’s reproductive hormones (extra cost)
  • Effective Hormone Replacement Therapy monitoring

Fairfield Nutrition is a provider of the DUTCH test