Why do you offer Unlimited plans?

Many people who have long-term health issues feel they aren’t getting the support or the level of care they need through their health professional.

By offering unlimited plans, that offer dietary support and lifestyle changes, you can get that level of care you would like with unlimited access to a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine practitioner.

We all know that changing our diet, or our sleep or exercise, is difficult, and so being swamped with a tonne of information in a single consultation rarely leads to lasting change.

By working with a client over a longer period, Fairfield acts as a lifestyle coach, making change manageable and easy.

We can work out what works for you and your life, and provide a solution that is easy and convenient.

What consultations are included in your plans?

That’s really up to you and what you need !

Typically the first month includes two longer consultations of over an hour where we go through your health questionnaire and devise a plan together. We also then have a longer consultation at the beginning of each month.

We recommend a phone or Skype call every week or two when you don’t have a longer consultation to keep you on track. This allows us to monitor your results and allows to break changes into smaller chunks so that they are manageable.

When will my plan start?

Your plan will start on the date of your first consultation

Can I speak to someone at Fairfield Nutrition? I have questions

Yes, we are more than happy to have a chat to discuss how we work and how we can support you.

We understand one of our plans is a significant commitment so we are happy to talk you through it.

Get in touch to arrange a time for a call or call us on 0416720981 now.

Are consultations face-to-face or online / on the phone?

We prefer to do our first consultation face-to-face in Melbourne, but we can do this online also.

Follow-up consultations and chats are usually done online or over the phone.

What can I expect during my first consultation?

In an initial consultation, we look at:


We work together to get clarity around your goals, so that the personalised plan we develop assists you in achieving your goals and re-gaining your health or well-being.


We go over your health concerns and your Functional Medicine health questionnaire and gather a detailed health timeline since birth to bring your health story to life. The timeline is about you, the individual, and what makes you unique. It helps us to identify your specific imbalances, and so is personalised, and helps the practitioner to identify changes which will help you change your trajectory from one that may be heading towards chronic disease towards one that is towards health and vitality.


Based on the information that the practitioner has gathered, they will then spend some time explaining how the core-systems of your body may be (mal) functioning, and how your health concerns may have developed. This entails looking deeply at the building blocks of good health such as hormones, digestion, immune system, detoxification and the interconnections between these systems.


Together, we will work on a comprehensive health plan including diet, and lifestyle factors such as sleep, rest, and movement. The practitioner will ensure you understand why each step of the plan is included so that you aren’t simply told what to do, and are motivated to make the necessary changes.

Together, we can do it – you will leave the session with the motivation and knowledge to follow the plan.

To support you throughout the process, you will receive this personalised report by email with my findings and recommendations for appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes.

Where are face-to-face consultations held?

Consultations are held at the wonderful Fairfield Wellness at 145C Station Street, Fairfield, 3078.

Is there parking / train station close to Fairfield Wellness?

There’s plenty of free on-street parking although it can be quite busy but you can expect to find a spot not too far away.

Fairfield train station is also close by.

Do I need to complete the health questionnaire?

It’s best to set aside an hour or so to complete the health questionnaire.

It is needed to be completed before your first consultation as it provides the information needed to personalise your consultation to your unique situation. Everyone is different after all.

Functional Medicine aims to get at the root cause of health conditions but to do that we need more than just a list of your symptoms so we can understand which of the body’s systems may not be functioning aswell as it could be.

What is contained in my six part health plan?

This report will include:

  • A suggested plan in the areas of diet, movement, sleep, stress reduction, supplements, and testing
  • Foods to include or avoid in your diet
  • Any dietary supplements will be tailored to your individual needs and a check will be done to ensure for drug-nutrient interactions if you are on any medication
  • Useful information and handouts

Is the expense of laboratory testing or supplements included in your plans?

Our plans include consultations, phone calls, and unlimited messaging. Any supplements or laboratory testing (that isn’t done through your GP and Medicare) will be an additional cost.

Will I need to take supplements or do laboratory tests?

Laboratory tests offer an insight into your bio-chemistry and enable treatment to be more focused on your unique biology and the root causes of your health issues. They may, therefore, be recommended, although there is no obligation to do the tests. We have access to cutting-edge pathology tests from labs such as

  • NutriPath
  • Genova Diagnostics
  • Precision Analytical
  • Great Plains

Whilst in the first instance, we do support you with nutrition and lifestyle changes, sometimes supplementation is suggested.

We will explain why supplements have been recommended and how they will support you in achieving your goals. We will either have the supplements available in-stock or will provide details of where to order them online. We will also let you know of any possible drug-nutrient interactions with medications you may be taking.

Why aren’t the lab tests covered by Medicare and how are they different from the tests my doctor orders?

Our laboratory tests are often more advanced than the standard conventional tests offered under Medicare, and may include risk factors (metabolites) for conditions that aren’t covered by Medicare. For instance, a stool sample test looks at the health of the gut, its microbiome, parasites that may exist, inflammation and numerous other factors which give us a better indication of the functioning of your gut and how that may be affecting your symptoms. Your GP is not typically trained in the latest Functional Testing and working with these tests. Our practitioners are have undergone years of training for their interpretation.

Can I claim on my Extras insurance (Australia)?

At this time, unfortunately, you are not able to claim our services on your Extras insurance.